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Excel Session 1 - ARE 155 Fall 1999 Richard Howitt Excel...

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ARE 155 Fall 1999 Excel Session #1 Richard Howitt Introduction to Spreadsheet Operations in Excel In this session, we’ll try and demonstrate to you the essentials of spreadsheet operations in Excel. Even though this is not a computer course, ARE 155 will try to equip you with the basic tools necessary to analyze quantitative business decision problems, both analytically and with the aid of a computer. Since Excel is the most widely-used spreadsheet utility available today, you are almost certain to encounter it in any workplace situation you may enter into – so it would be much to your advantage to build your proficiency in using it. We’ll start out by identifying the key operations that one uses in doing spreadsheet calculations, and how they can be entered in Excel. The Excel spreadsheet consists of a grid, within which lies individually addressed cells. You can enter numeric or alphabetic characters in those cells and manipulate them algebraically or alphabetically. The picture below shows you how the spreadsheet appears on the screen. The cursor can activate any cell on the spreadsheet, and text or numbers can be entered. Always press the <Enter> key after you have finished entering data -- this is especially important for formulas – so that Excel knows that you’re done. If you want to enter a formula, you must begin by typing an “=” sign, so that Excel can distinguish between plain data, and an actual mathematical operation that you’d like to perform on those spreadsheet data. Anything you type appears in the ‘formula bar’ (right above the Column Headings A, B, C, etc.) for easier editing. When you begin typing a formula, a red cross and green check sign appear. I’ve given a simple example of a formula below.
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ARE 155 Fall 1999 2 Excel Session #1 A B 1 This is a spreadsheet 2 3 This cell is called A3 4 5 =A3+A4
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Excel Session 1 - ARE 155 Fall 1999 Richard Howitt Excel...

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