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Unformatted text preview: ,,,,' ~v STpf3i /-').V--co Shopper Turns Lots of Pudding Into Free Miles 'i'fl l" \Y .\],I . STHF1:T.JIJt fl,\_\l.l~TI H!\CT I \I': E I)J T j( l,\ J);lvi ci Phillips foun!i a lifetime of flW' plane trips in ;\ ('up of l'llocolate pudding', Last !'IIay. !'Ill', Phillips WilS shopping in tilt' frozfn-f()od aisle of Ilis local sup('rm<lrkl't wlwnlw lIoti ced ;1 frt'qllent-f1ier offer on the jmckage uf a Bea Itll)' Choi ce frozen entree: ~~arn SlIO miles fOl' every 10 IJniversal Product Colles from He;lltll)" Choice products sent in to Ht'aitilY CllOicc' by J)ec, :11, An:.' "early birds" who submitted the UPCs, llr bill' ('ollt's, hy Ma y :)1 would receive double tl](' rnil f' age - l,f100 rniles for every 10 bar ('odes, Mr, Phillips. a ]:;-year-olrl ci\'il engillPer witll t1w Unil'ersitv of Caiifornia at Davis. flies onl\ spfll'aclically (;ach year. Vnlil he maile tllat fatefli l trip to til(' grocery store, his largest frr quent-fiic'r account bad ilj(),OUO-mile balancC'. "I quic~l y did the milth and realized what thi s could nlt'an." he sal'S, - With an investment of S:l.110 and ;,0 hOlils of his t imp. Mr. Phillips is the proud owner of l.:!" million [reqllent-flier miles, good for about $2;1,000 worth of uirline tickets. "Hp's got a lifetime of frpC' travel now ," says Mark Kienzl e, a spokesllwn for ,\l\TR Corp, 's American Airlines. It's CO III III on 1'0], consunwrs to s(oc:k up lm prOllucts to acquire fn' qupnt-fii PI' miles. Susan ~Iichat'1. a real-estate i)J'(Ikel' from slItlilriJall Cllicago. iJollg"ilt bl'tween 200 and :JOO likl's of Diet Cokp last ,Yf'ar to .'al'll frequcnHliC'r miles from \)pita Air Lines, "TIlt' trunk was so filII I'd g'f;' t wor- l'i C'd about tlw tires on my car." she says. Ane!...
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