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Syllabus - Finance Arthur Havenner [email protected]

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Finance Winter 2011 ARE 171A Wellman 26 Tuesday and Thursday 4:40-6:00 Agricultural and Resource Economics University of California, Davis January 3, 2011 Arthur Havenner [email protected] 3107 Social Sciences, 752-7079 Office Hours: Tuesday 1:00-2:00 Thursday 2:30-3:30 Teaching Assistants and Office Hours: Ana Kujundzic [email protected] Office Hours Wednesday 10-11, Thursday 12-1, both in SSH 1178 Xiaochen Ma [email protected] Office Hours Monday 11-12, Wednesday 1-2, both in SSH 1178 Grading: Homework/Quizzes 15% Homework is due in class on Thursdays as assigned Midterm 30% Thursday, February 10,2011 Final exam 55% Saturday, March 19,2011,8:00 - 10:00 If you cannot be present for the examinations, do not take the course. There will be random quizzes during the quarter. Each student's performance will be ranked by a standardized scoreg calculated as (hi -h) (m -m) if-]> g =.15L--+.30 +.55-- Sh,i Sm sf where h is the individual's homework score, Ii is the class mean for homework, and Sh is the class standard deviation for homework, with the midterm and final exam scores treated similarly.
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