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prac.mt1 ans - Statistics 13A, Spring 2010, Practice...

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Statistics 13A, Spring 2010, Practice Midterm I Version A Name: ID: Instructions: 50 minutes, closed book midterm one letter-sized (double-sided) “cheat-sheet”, hand held calculator and scrap paper are allowed 20 multiple choice problems, 5 points each hand in both this midterm and scantron (the midterm will be used as a proof of your presence in the un- likely event of missing scantron) grading is based on scantron which will not be re- turned to you this is version A, please mark the corresponding circle on the scantran good luck! Midterm begins here. .. 1. Which among the following is a qualitative variable? (a) length of time between arrivals of buses at a terminal (b) depth of sediments in a riverbed (c) score received in a homework out of 60 points (d) time required to finish an exam (e) manufacturers of cars parked in a parking lot answer: e 2. A market share of 78.5% would be represented in a pie chart by a slice with a central angle of (a) 78.5 degrees (b) 39.2 degrees (c) 282.6 degrees (d) 141.3 degrees (e) 178.5 degrees answer: c ( 78 . 5 × ( 360 / 100 ) degrees) 3. The frequency table of the weights (in lbs.) of 50 trouts caught from a lake is given below. Class (in lbs.) Frequency 6.5 to less than 7.0 6 7.0 to less than 7.5 8 7.5 to less than 8.0 13 8.0 to less than 8.5 11 8.5 to less than 9.0 7 9.0 to less than 9.5 5
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prac.mt1 ans - Statistics 13A, Spring 2010, Practice...

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