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VERSION A Name: _____________________ Textiles and Clothing 8 2011 Practice Exam Multiple Choice Answers – Midterm 2 Multiple Choice : Please mark the letter next to the correct answer for each item and then mark your Scantron. 1. When fabrics are knitted or woven first and then dyed, this is referred to as: a. loom-dyed b . piece-dyed c. shuttle-dyed d. solution-dyed 2. Chapter 6 on fibers and fabrics and the DVD on leather presented a number of finishing processes for fabric and leather. Which of the following is not one of these? a . carding b. glazing c. water-proofing d. dyeing 3. A major technological breakthrough occurred in 1989 with the first commercial production of _______ (a fiber that is two or three times smaller than a human hair). a. nanofibers b . microfibers c. bamboo d. soy 4. A luxury animal fiber produced in large quantities in Texas is: a. cashmere b. alpaca c . mohair d. qiviut 5. In discussing trade shows in South America, it was noted that the single most important market center is: a . São Paulo, Brazil b. Quito, Ecuador c. Lima, Peru d. none of the above 6. Manufactured fiber producers are especially likely to engage in cooperative advertising when: a . the fiber is new or a new variation b. the fiber has failed to perform as consumers expected
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c. both a and b d. none of the above 7. The nontrademarked names assigned by the Federal Trade Commission to manufactured fibers that are similar in chemical composition and properties are the _______ names. a. aggregate b. copyright c. group d . generic 8. The Chambre Syndicale uses the designation créateur to refer to: a. designers who create original made-to-measure garments for clients b . designers who work exclusively in ready-to-wear
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txc_8_2011_practice_exam__2_mc+answers - VERSION A Name...

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