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VERSION A Name: _____________________ Textiles and Clothing 8 2011 Practice Exam – Answers for Midterm 1 Multiple Choice : Please mark the letter next to the correct answer for each item and then mark your Scantron. 1. Nystrom’s contribution to fashion theory was the observation that a. fashion flows from west to east b. fashion trends are slow to cross physical barriers such as mountains and rivers c. cycles do not exist for clothing colors d . none of the above 2. Which of the following groups generally scores highest on measures of clothing interest? a . opinion leaders b. innovators c. fashion deviants d. fashion failures 3. Characteristics of innovators include being a. low risk takers b. high risk perceivers c . highly mobile d. more involved in local than global issues 4. An apparel company that takes a marketing concept approach to doing business focuses on the needs and wants of their: a. competitors b . customers c. suppliers d. all of the above 5. The finding by Thompson and Haytko that women in their sample changed their ideal image from model thin to toned without any role model influence supports the _______ theory of fashion change. a. trickle up b. trickle down c. outward bound d . collective selection
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6. After reviewing the characteristics of various age groups, a retailer decides to focus on the teen market. This decision to pick teens as the market to serve is called: a. forecasting b . targeting c. positioning d. partitioning 7. The popularity of purple garments among the wives of politicians last year and among the general public this year supports the _______ theory of fashion adaption. a. spirit of the times b. political shift c. trickle across d . none of the above 8. Which of the following was not listed as a problem with luxury brands by at least one third of the wealthy consumers surveyed by the Luxury Institute? a
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txc_8_2011_practice_midterm+1_mc+answers - VERSION A Name...

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