Week 4 – Handout 2 (1)

Week 4 – Handout 2 (1) - BICD 134 – Human...

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Unformatted text preview: BICD 134 – Human Reproduction TA: Carmel Roshan [email protected] Week 4 – Handout #2 Male Anatomy and Physiology Name the four male sex accessory ducts: 1. __________________________________ 2. __________________________________ 3. __________________________________ 4. __________________________________ Name the three male sex accessory glands: 1. __________________________________ 2. __________________________________ 3. __________________________________ Label the components in the figure below: A: __________________________________ B: __________________________________ C: __________________________________ D: __________________________________ E: __________________________________ F: __________________________________ G: __________________________________ H: __________________________________ I: __________________________________ J: __________________________________ BICD 134 – Human Reproduction TA: Carmel Roshan [email protected] K: __________________________________ L: __________________________________ M: __________________________________ N: __________________________________ O: __________________________________ P: __________________________________ Q: __________________________________ Match the following descriptions to one of the key words above: _____ This duct is where sperm mixes with seminal fluid. _____ These glands contribute ~60% of the ejaculate volume. It secretes an alkaline, viscous fluid rich in sugar fructose (nutrient for sperm) in addition to prostoglandins. _____ This duct allows for sperm storage and maturation. _____ A pouch of skin and muscle that contains the testes. Its main function is temperature regulation for spermatogenesis. _____ This gland is also known as Cowper’s gland. It is responsible for secreting the pre-ejaculate, which serves to clean out the urethra. _____ Contractions within this duct propel sperm forward, enabling the transport of sperm from the epididymis to the ampulla. _____ This gland surrounds the prostatic urethra and contributes an alkaline secretion that makes up 13- 33% of the seminal plasma. It also contributes acids phophatase and decoagulase. _____ Passageway for urine and sperm to exit to the outside. _____ An endocrine gland that is responsible for sperm production Scrotum • The main function of the scrotum is __________________________________. Two muscles under the skin of the scrotum are involved in temperature regulation: __________________________________ muscle and __________________________________ muscle o The __________________________________muscle contracts and expands to bring the testes up and down, respectively. o The __________________________________ muscle contracts and expands to wrinkle the scrotal skin, which in turn reduces or promotes heat loss by decreasing or increasing the surface area, respectively....
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Week 4 – Handout 2 (1) - BICD 134 – Human...

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