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GnRH - What are the components of GnRH? - Stands for: - Released in a _______ fashion - What is the effect of - (a) GnRH agonist administered constantly on FSH/LH? - (b) GnRH agonist administered in a pulsatile fashion on FSH/LH? - (c) GnRH antagonist on FSH/LH? - Increases levels of FSH and LH - FSH function in females: - FSH function in males: - LH function in females: - LH function in males: Feedback loops and hormones · Positive feedback: · Negative feedback mechanism: · What does a feedback loop of the hypothalamus, pituitary, and gonads look like? What
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Unformatted text preview: kind of feedback is this? Puberty- Compared to other animals, human are unique in that they ______________- The ___________ is the driving force behind puberty- T/F Even a tiny amount of a hormone can create huge changes.- T/F Boys tend to get their growth spurt at the beginning of puberty, while girls get theirs at the end of puberty- Know the basic changes that girls and boys go through during puberty TA: Joy Lin BICD 134 Human Reproduction Handout #2...
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