BICD 134 11.03.11

BICD 134 11.03.11 - refractory time time between first...

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refractory time – time between first orgasm and could being aroused again eretile structure, the clitoris, labia, engorment, allows for lubrication by fluid seeping out the swlloen and engored vagina, encorgement of these regions will restrict the opening. vestibular glands seeps liquid is main source of lubrication is false. labia majora, in a lot of women, with excitement, the engorment the flattening accompanied by minora becoming bigger, the clitoris will go through erection ,similar to males, during earlier phases increased sensitivities and of the mons plateau phase, the outcome of the orgasm reached its maximum Plateau Phase retraction of the clitoris, one of the accompanied by the plateau phase Bartholin’s glands will secrete fluid during masters and Johnson time, believed that it came from the cervix uterus rises posterior fornix expands, like balloon allows more space during intercourse for the penis to enter myotonia released during contraction of orgasm Organmic Phase contraction of uterus , fiberlation contraction of vaginal wall and the rectal spincter
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BICD 134 11.03.11 - refractory time time between first...

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