BICD 134 11.29.11

BICD 134 11.29.11 - IUD main point is to prevent...

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IUD main point is to prevent implantation young women who have not been pregnant, it may be expelled out had a higher rate of PID (pelvic disease), bacteria would attach on the strings, and it will be easier to move up to the uterus spring device: coiled, inserted in the fallopian tube material is that the cells of the fallopian tubes will grow around it, and it will seal off complex process laparoscope - two small incision over the pubic and naval, and microscopic device used to perform surgery STI: bacterial, viruses… etc peptidoglycan cell wall antiviral are usually very specific yeast, vagina has normal amounts of acid, bacteria, and yeast small amounts of yeast cells (grow slowly) yeast infections may be arise from something attacking the bacterial colony. could be hormonal, sugar imbalance, clothes,…. bacteria grow much faster and take over yeast growth, but when bacterias start dying off, yeast take over and can cause infection viral diseases can affect the liver, so sti does not just affect the genitals
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BICD 134 11.29.11 - IUD main point is to prevent...

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