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bicd discussion

bicd discussion - chemotaxis short range once they are...

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which stages in meiosis in females who have yet to reach puberty – eggs (oocytes) are stuck at prophase I, as it matures, secondary oocytes will be stopped at metaphase II, with polar body all mitochrondrial dieases come from mother only, enzymes in acromosomal space – proteases cytoplasm of all developing sperm connected so they can share X products, otherwise haploid (duplicated chromosome) with Y chromosome will be lethal. right after ovulation, the mucus becomes less thick, around the cervical os
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Unformatted text preview: chemotaxis, short range, once they are close to ovum, only one fallopian tube releases ovum, one is empty and half of sperm will go the empty and one to other acromosomal reaction – release of protease, hyperactivation of the tail fallopian tubes, have to guide secondary oocyte to uterus, and it has to direct sperm to ovary the cilia are beating in different directions, based on size sperm will be able to go through the grooves which eggs cannot go into...
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