BICD 134-Midterm 2 Worksheet Answers

BICD 134-Midterm 2 Worksheet Answers - Answers: Menstrual...

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Answers: Menstrual Cycle: 1. Luteal 2. Follicular 3. Menstrual 4. Estrogen, granulosa 5. Progesterone, luteal 6. False, there are low levels of estrogen and progesterone at first because menses just occurred. 7. False, FSH stimulates the development of the follicle in the ovary. 8. True. 9. False, the Graafian follicle is the secondary oocyte. 10. False, the granulosa cells will turn into the corpus luteum 11. False, the corpus luteum also produces estrogen. 12. True. 13. It dies out and is shed due to low hormone levels. 14. The endometrium thickens and grows due to estrogen and progesterone. 15. 3 months or less. Sexual response cycle: 1. Excitement, plateau, orgasm, resolution. 2. The internal and external urethral sphincters. 3. Low sperm count (usually hormonal), poor sperm health (genetic and environmental issues including smoking), immune attack on sperm (a man can make antibodies against his own sperm). 4. Failure to ovulate (hormonal like lack of estrogen or physical like ovaries with scar tissue from endometriosis or retrograde menstruation), structural and functional problems with oviducts or uterus. 5. It is tethered down by the prepuce and the engorgement of the internal structures of the clitoris.
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6. True. 7.
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BICD 134-Midterm 2 Worksheet Answers - Answers: Menstrual...

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