BICD 134-Midterm 2 Worksheet

BICD 134-Midterm 2 Worksheet - BICD 134-Midterm 2 Review...

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BICD 134-Midterm 2 Review Worksheet TA-Clari Cheng Menstrual Cycle: Fill in the blank: 1. The _______________phase of the menstrual cycle lasts about 12-14 days and does not vary that much with each female. 2. The _______________phase varies greatly with each female, lasting between 6-16 days. 3. The________________ phase typically lasts about 6 days in females. 4. The Δ5 pathway mainly produces: _________________ in the ________________ cells. 5. The Δ4 pathway mainly produces:__________________ in the _______________ cells. True or False: 6. T / F During the Follicular Phase, there are initially low levels of LH and FSH. 7. T / F FSH stimulates the development of the follicle in the oviducts. 8. T / F Follicle produces estrogen as it develops, which will eventually lead to a positive feedback loop with high LH release. 9. T / F The spike in LH will release the Graafian follicle (primary oocyte) from ovary. 10. T / F The follicular cells will turn into the Corpus Luteum. 11. T / F The Corpus Luteum makes only Progesterone. 12. T / F Low levels of Progesterone and Estrogen causes menses. Short Answers: 13. What happens to the endometrium during menses? 14. During the proliferative phase, what happens to the endometrium? 15. How long does the corpus luteum survive during pregnancy? Sexual Response Cycle: Short Answers:
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TA-Clari Cheng 1. According to Masters and Johnson, what are the four phases of the human sexual response cycle? 2. What sphincters are closed during the “emission” phase of male orgasm? 3. Name one thing that can cause infertility in males? 4. Name on thing that can cause infertility in females? 5. How does the clitoris retract during plateau phase? True or False: 6. T / F The G-spot is difficult to identify, but women have reported deep and satisfying orgasms with stimulation of this particular area. 7. T / F Masters and Johnsons only believe that there is one type of orgasm whereas Freud believed in both clitoral and vaginal orgasm. 8. T / F NO 2 is the neurotransmitter responsible for erection in men. 9. T / F The clitoris can be erected, but you just can’t see it. 10. T / F The nipples do not become erect in females until the plateau phase. 11. T / F During the plateau phase in males, the coronal ridge of the glans penis turns bluish purple. 12. T / F Men have a resolution phase that can be changed with erotic stimulation. 13. The enzyme __________________________ breaks down cGMP, inhibiting further vasodilation and bloodflow to penis. 14. The _______________ Reflex elevates testes during excitement. 15. During the expulsion phase of orgasm in males, the _______________________ is open and semen is expelled 16. The ______________________ nervous system is responsible for sexual arousal while the __________________ nervous system is responsible for actual orgasm. 17. The _______________________ consists of the engorgement of the outer vaginal wall
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BICD 134-Midterm 2 Worksheet - BICD 134-Midterm 2 Review...

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