MT2 REVIEW - penile strain gauge vaginal...

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they measure blood flow parasympathetic – active during arousal sympathetic – orgasm charts Helen Singer Kaplan: desire, excitement orgasm Masters and Johnson: excitement, plateau, orgasm, resolution excitement: irritial arousal plateau: full arousal prior to orgasm Orgasm: threshold is reached myotonyid: muscle tenseness throughout body is released refractory period: from one orgasm to another women: excitement: clitoris engorge, labia swells, increase breast size, nipple erect plateau: color change in labia minora, clitoris retracts, uterus elevates and increases in size 2/3 of vagina expands and lengthens 1/3 forms orgasmic platform orgasm: orgasmic platform, uterus, rectal sphincter = contracts resolution: everything goes back to normal men: excitement: erection, testis elevate and scrotal skin thickens plateau: cowpers glands secretes, swelling and elevation of testes orgasm: emission (fluids mix with sperm) and expulsion (semen is expelled resolution:
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MT2 REVIEW - penile strain gauge vaginal...

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