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Handout 3 - 6)The vagina is a muscular tissue with...

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DISCUSSION (Male and Female Anatomy) 1) What is the reason for the early spermatids to stay connected to each other? 2)We went over in class the details of the Sertoli and Leydig cells. For function, describe some of the substances secreted and their function. Location Stimulated by Function Sertoli Leydig 3)Name the different chambers of the penis, and describe how they are different anatomically. 4)Name the layers of the uterus. Describe their relative location and function. Know that there are two possible positions of the uterus. What holds the uterus in place? 5)What is sebum? Where is it produced in both male and female, and what is the consequence of having it uncleaned?
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Unformatted text preview: 6)The vagina is a muscular tissue with thin-walled capillaries. What is their function, and why are there very few nerve endings near the upper vagina? 7)Explain ectopic pregnancy. Also describe what we went over in class about C section and episiotomy. *I only cover the main points covered in lecture to aid in your study. Use your notes and ppt slides are your main source to study. *Make sure to know the structures of the female and male anatomy. Know it well enough so you can draw it out! *Understand all the hormones we went over in class and their function. *There will be a review session on Sunday from 4-7PM....
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