Jan 16 - Tissues - TISSUES Four Basic Tissues Epithelial...

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TISSUES Four Basic Tissues Epithelial tissue o Covering tissues, covering either outside of body, outside of organ systems (ex. digestive) o o Glandular epithelium – forming glands, endocrine and exocrine o Simple One layer , with a basil level Squamous – oval and thin Cuboidal – cube shaped Columnar – column shaped Pseudostratified columnar – columns with the look of air sacs (goblet cells – produce mucin, complex glycoprotein that dissolves in water ; very complex golgi apparatus, and rough endocrine reticulum) o Stratified Various layers , can be different sizes, but also has a basil layer Names based on simple layers – the most apical layer Transitional – ex. Bladder : when you just go to the washroom your bladder contracts, before it is stretched. Meaning the cells begin with being stretched and transition into being contracted. o Special characteristics: Polarity: Upper free surface (apical) – microvilli or cilia, cilia helps to remove mucus, cells with cilia always move toward the outside Lower basal surface – underlying supportive sheet, adjacent to basal surface: ‘The basement membrane’ o If cell damaged, it will eat through the basement membrane and then get to the connective tissue and spread, the layer can be easily projected and the bad cells can move through– ex. Cancer o Basement membrane: attaches epithelium to underlying connective tissue o Basal lamina: produced by epithelium o Reticular lamina: secreted by connective tissue o Functions: Anchors to connective tissue: cell adhesion
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Jan 16 - Tissues - TISSUES Four Basic Tissues Epithelial...

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