thursday 19 - THE NERVOUS SYSTEM

thursday 19 - THE NERVOUS SYSTEM - o Axon branches and with...

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THE NERVOUS SYSTEM Major Structures of the Nervous System our digestive tract has its own the nervous system governs the info ad sends it up to the central nervous system which relays the info to other parts of the body receptor integration motor pathway effect Organization Sympathetic o Voluntary Autonomic o Involuntary o Sensory neurons can be both sympathetic and autonomic Composed of Neurons o Extreme longevity Some die, some survive from life to death Are very long Conduct messages in form of nerve impulses Electrical excitability Within cytoplasm there are clusters of rough endoplasmic reticulum and free ribosomes Supportive cells – neuroglia o Play a role in feeding, protect, regenerating and communication within nerve cells o Cell body, axon, dendrites o Ganglia outside system and nuclei within the system
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Unformatted text preview: o Axon branches and with terminal knobs at the end Synapsis: excites neuron When you are learning/studying a lot then new spines will form if not doing anything they will decrease o Dendrites Bushy o Axon Long Can be naked or covered by protein rings Axon hillock (very beginning of axon) • Small bump at beginning Collaterals • Activating of other nerve cells • Come out of the side Bundles • Tracts in CNS • Nerves in PNS o Nerves can be naked or be covered by protein-lipid rings o Exchange only in nodes Coated axons form white matter Myelin sheath • Ganglion cells surround • Gaps = nodes of ranvier – the only place where exchange takes place Oligidendrocyte and Myelination in the CNS • Arms wrap tightly around axon Neuroglia •...
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thursday 19 - THE NERVOUS SYSTEM - o Axon branches and with...

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