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ENG 347 paper #5

ENG 347 paper #5 - Sabrina Baez ENG 347 Story#5 What...

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Unformatted text preview: Sabrina Baez ENG 347 2/20/2012 Story #5 What Happens Friday Nights Soccer cleats and old tennis shoes fill the old falling apart basket along with antique newspapers from last year and a couple of chewed up tennis balls, the fifteen year old black marble table is covered with homework; English, Trig, Physics, all complex and impossible Alex is sitting at the table a look of desperation shadows his face his head drooping in his hand beaten and exhausted by using a multitude of brain power, he’s a senior in high school I want to tell him although change my mind that it only gets harder from here poor kid, his life is consumed with school, soccer, and his girlfriend things seem tough now but these are problems hardly compare to the problems of the real world, Joey, the baby brother throws his helmet and shoulder pads down on the kitchen floor leaving a pile of grass and grit in his trail, he throws his jersey in the washroom on top of the growing pile of athletic clothes, soccer socks, high school uniforms,...
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