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eng 347 job paper - Sabrina Baez ENG 347 2/20/2012 Paper #4...

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Sabrina Baez ENG 347 2/20/2012 Paper #4 Occupational Hazard As I grope around searching for my phone to turn off the annoyingly upbeat alarm, I realize it’s still dark outside and there is thunder rolling in the distance. Great, that means there was a storm last night and I will be greeted at work by a hot mess. It’s 5:30am on a Saturday and I have to be at the VCA Animal Hospital by 6, I woke up late so I don’t even get the relief of coffee to ease my extreme drowsiness and agitation. Just as I expect I’m greeted at the door with an overwhelming stench of animal feces and a roaring sound of dogs and cats whining, meowing, and barking. I had come to hate storms from working here. Every time a big storm would come around, jittery animals would freak out and leave huge messes in their cubicles. “So I already cleaned out the cat room, you have the big dog kennels, I’ll get the little ones” my boss Andy says as he hands me a mop. Andy is the kind of person who lives to do his job. He absolutely loves being in charge of the kennels and boarding as if he could never find leadership anywhere else except for in the animal world. He was the kind of guy you would catch having conversations with a Chihuahua, not pet talk but legit conversations, about his life. He’s a huge towering middle aged guy who spoke like a child. He has terrible people skills which is why he preferred the company of four legged companions. For some unknown reason he especially liked to be in the cat room handling the felines, which was fine with me because I personally
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This note was uploaded on 02/27/2012 for the course ENGL 347 taught by Professor Cruz during the Spring '12 term at Texas A&M.

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eng 347 job paper - Sabrina Baez ENG 347 2/20/2012 Paper #4...

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