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eng 347 paper 3 - Sabrina Baez ENG 347 Trapped Out side...

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Sabrina Baez Baez 1 ENG 347 02/06/2012 Trapped Out side Paralyzed I’m standing at the top of the mountain, everything is blanketed in white. It is a cold like nothing I ever felt before. Being from the south, anything below 60° Fahrenheit is jacket weather. Here the coldness sinks into every part of your body including your bones. Despite the undershirt, long sleeve shirt, sweatshirt, and ski jacket I’m wearing plus the other twenty layers of clothing articles, I feel the goose bumps rising, as if summoned by their master, Fear. The freezing air around me is so deafening loud, I can practically hear the blood coursing through the vessels in my ears. The sound is almost like a waterfall so strong that it is quiet, like a muffled monster. One of those sounds that can easily be lost in the background unless you’re trying to sleep then it booms all around you like cannons going off in your mind. That resonant sound combined with the muffled grunts and moans as people go down like flies, creeps into my brain like an evil antagonist begging me to fail. The curiosity and sibling rivalry of this situation has drawn me here to this place on the mountain. I cannot move, I cannot breathe or think. The only thing keeping from turning around and crawling back to our nice, warm, hotel room is that annoying urge to be just as good as my brothers. The snow pelts down diagonally across my trendy red ski goggles as I take inventory of all my limbs, thinking sadly that I cannot drift away along with the cold wind right at this very moment. I can feel my heart pounding in my chest as I watch figures draped in puffy insulated clothes gliding down the mountain before me. I’m scared, petrified in the fear of the unknown. Baez 2
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They said it would be easy but I’ve been watching people face plant, plowing their delicate craniums right into the deceivingly hard snow. Of course we did the whole “training exercises” where the instructors would glide around on their boards making it look as easy as tying your shoe. I had done ok on the practice runs only slipping once or twice. However that run was on the bunny hills, nothing compared to this gigantic white slide of slushy unknown. What was I thinking? How could I let him convince me that this was a good idea?! Things were coming
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eng 347 paper 3 - Sabrina Baez ENG 347 Trapped Out side...

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