Eng 345 paper #2

Eng 345 paper #2 - Sabrina Baez ENG 345 2/2/2012 Paper #2...

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Sabrina Baez 1 ENG 345 2/2/2012 Paper #2 Trapped in a Blanket of White All around us was white. It covered the windows, the doors; every inch of surface surrounding us. It barricaded us inside like an icy cold prison. We were strangers in a taxi cab. Sounds like a title of some great Romantic drama, but it couldn’t be a more opposite situation. How strange and cruel fate could be. How ironic was it that I was supposed to be in sunny Pensacola, Florida at this very moment with my toes in the sand lounging with some tropical drink in between my fingers. Fine I said. I’ll do one last run before I take my old but faithful 89’ Tahoe on the most epic road trip of life. I had been saving up for quite a while, ready to ditch Minnesota at the first sign of the temperature dropping below forty. Whatever I thought, I would take this one last passenger to his or her destination and THEN I would be on my way to sunshine and warmth. Most amateur cabbies would have said NO WAY JOSE, the roads were too slick, and the slushy ground was too likely to become a dangerous scenario. However I was no amateur, I had made this run a countless amount of times. I had been a cabbie for twelve years. I knew every short cut, speed trap, and pot hole on this length of road. I could probably drive all the way from the airport to the Ramada Inn Hotel right outside of town, with my eyes shut and one hand tied behind my back. Not that I would ever try that of course because I was a safe driver. I knew the liabilities that could occur if I even joked around with the passenger about these sorts of things. Baez 2 Besides the fact that I would never joke around with a passenger about their safety, I was not the kind of cabbie to make small talk. My job was to get my passenger from point A to point B in
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the shortest time possible with their every limb intact and a smile, or at least not a frown, on the customers face. I was good at my job. No, I was great at it. In all the years I had been doing this I never had one complaint, and occasionally even got a few praises and an extra little something. Being a cabbie was not my career of choice of course. I would say I had been forced into it. It was unusual, a woman cab driver so of course I stood out. This fact alone got me a lot of crap for the first few years, but once the others realized I wasn’t a force to be reckoned with things got a whole lot better. The only reason I started driving was because I was dead broke. I had $43 dollars to my name when I applied for the job. Since there wasn’t much competition for the spot, not a whole lot of people want to be cab drivers in Minnesota; a week later I was behind the wheel of my very own yellow taxi. I was really proud of my shiny new car, most of the other taxi’s looked shabby and beaten down but mine was almost brand new, and still had that “new car smell”.
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Eng 345 paper #2 - Sabrina Baez ENG 345 2/2/2012 Paper #2...

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