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eng 345 paper #3 - Sabrina Baez ENG 345 Opposite Story#1...

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Sabrina Baez ENG 345 2/13/12 Opposite Story #1 Opposite I watch her as she delicately cracks an egg over the brown mixture. I hear the whirring of the mixer kick on as she looks up, willing me to respond to whatever I was pretending to listen to. “Don’t you just love rainy days?” she asks again. No of course I don’t. I was supposed to run a long and steady 7 miler today, now I was going to be a day behind in my training schedule. “Um yeah they’re relaxing I guess” I manage a smile. We sit silent for a moment listening to the big swollen rain drops patter against the windows in our apartment. “They have a great Valentine’s Day sale at Hobby Lobby” she begins just I start drowning her out once again. This is the first time I’ve been in the apartment alone with her since the beginning of the semester. I study her as she gabs on and on about the red, pink, and white glitter and paper she bought to make her boyfriend a heartwarming card or something like that. I nod my head in feigned encouragement. “It’s not too cheesy right?” she looks up at me expectantly. No, of course not who would ever in their right mind, think making your 23 year old boyfriend a stupid card would be cheesy, certainly not me. My boyfriend and I already decided that we would not dole out gifts this year. We were both broke and trying to save up for a nice spring break trip. Not that Valencia had to ever worry about menial things like money, or anything for that matter. She got a $200 dollar “allowance” from her mommy and daddy every 2 weeks, plus $50 every week for “just because” situations. I think if I asked for an allowance, my parents would just laugh as if I was telling some hilarious joke. Unfortunately they didn’t own a Rolls Royce, so I was left to Baez 2
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fend for myself with my shitty minimum wage occupation. I didn’t mind though. I liked being able to take care of myself, and usually politely declined the $20 my dad always tried to give me.
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