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Unformatted text preview: 18.02 Reading Assignments, Fall 2010 Bjorn Poonen In the third column below, sections starting with a number (like 12.1) and page ranges (like pp. 798–800) refer to the Edwards & Penney text, and sections starting with a letter (like M.1) refer to the supplementary notes. Reading is to be completed before the topic is discussed in lecture on the date shown. Date Topic Reading assignment Thu Sept 9 Vectors, dot product, determinants 12.1, 12.2, D Fri Sept 10 Cross product, matrices, inverse matrices 12.3, M.1, M.2 Tue Sept 14 Square systems, equations of planes pp. 798–800, M.4 Thu Sept 16 Parametric equations for lines and curves 12.4, 10.4 Fri Sept 17 Velocity, acceleration, Kepler’s second law 12.5, p. 818, K Tue Sept 21 Level curves, partial derivs., tangent plane approx. 13.2, 13.4, TA Thu Sept 23 Max-min problems, least squares pp. 878–881, 884–885, LS Fri Sept 24 Second derivative test, boundaries and infinity 13.10 up to p. 930, SD Tue Sept 28 Differentials, chain rule...
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