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Advertising Research-Account Planning - Advertising...

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Advertising Research/Account Planning Wednesday, February 01, 2012 9:57 AM Advertising research: Any research that helps in the development , execution , or evaluation of advertising and promotion o Can help identify USP -- unique selling position o Development --- targeting, segmenting, finding audience o GOAL: to help produce effective (on strategy) advertising and promotion The Communications Planning Cycle Strategy Developm ent Developme ntal Research Creative Developm ent Developme ntal Research Execution/ Implementat ion Copy Testing (happen s before ad runs) Evaluati on In- Market Evaluati on (after ad runs) Pursue product differentiat ion strategy? Reassess segmentati on strategy? And start again… ... Research should lead to strategy, NOT the other way around. "I notice an increasing reluctance on the part of marketing executives to use judgment… they are coming to use research as a drunk uses a lamp post: for support rather than illumination." - David Ogilvy Two Distinct Types of Research: 1. Developmental a. Conducted early in the process b. Informs the creative process 1. Evaluative a. Evaluates the effectiveness of ads a. Copy testing a. In-market evaluation The Ongoing Debate Bill Bernbach vs. the research department o Research depts, very popular in 1950s Science = Truth Trend among agencies Information vacuum o Bernbach, and others, shifted power from research to creative in 1960s (creative revolution) Companies don't always want to hear their ads don’t work
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Question the accuracy of artificial environments and their effect on test results 1980s o Account planning emerged on the scene Account Planning Makes advertising better by providing a holistic understanding of consumers/brands and the way that they connect What they do:
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Advertising Research-Account Planning - Advertising...

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