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Agencies and the Ad Industry

Agencies and the Ad Industry - Agencies and the Ad Industry...

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Agencies and the Ad Industry Friday, January 20, 2012 10:00 AM Key Players The Client o MBA's can be needed to work in marketing department at big companies like P&G, Unilever The Agency o Full-service IMC Advertising, PR, do everything for client from beginning to end o Specialized Focus on one thing - Mindshare - focus on media planning, strategy and buying - no ad creation o In-house Team permanent within company Media Organizations o NBC, ABC, ESPN o Sell advertising space, media sales Outside Facilitators o Very specific "production roles" - directors, photographers, etc. o Marketing research firms ** McKinney - local ad firm, good internship opp $131 Billion = 2010 US ad spending…. And this is a conservative estimate FIRMS RELATED TO ADVERTISING Advertisers: Promotion Agencies Media External Facilitators Advertising Agencies Mar keting dept. Tra de resellers Gov 't Soc ial organizations Direct marketing/database E- commerce Sales promotion Event planning Design firms Public relations firms
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