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Test 1 Wednesday, January 25, 2012 9:57 AM 50 multiple choice questions --- BRING SCANTRON AND PENCILS Need to know readings, as well as info from class lectures The book talks a lot about SS&K and their particular case studies ---- do not need to know those details specifically Make flash cards --- focus on vocabulary, not a lot of content If in book and in class --- guaranteed on test Know class expansion on book topics as well Understand examples and why we looked at certain things o Chalkbot, Jay-Z FOCUS ON o Definition of traditional advertising and how it has changed o What makes an ad effective --- different criteria for that ---- Ogilvy, Consumer- Centric
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Unformatted text preview: o IMC -- 360 degree branding - reach consumer at every touchpoint o Lots of examples of different types of ads - guerilla, product placement, user-created o Within industry -- big players - based on ad spending, agency ownership o What makes good client-agency relationship o Four P's o Departments of Ad agency o How the communication model has changed - book o Terms like Agency of Record o Ethics - NARB, CARU, FTC --- what each of these do o Subliminal advertising o Diffusion of innovations -- early adopters, late adopters, etc. o Different theories for how we understand ads --- ELM o Advertising is processed both rationally and emotionally...
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