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Test 2 - 2 STP marketing each component 3 Ways we can...

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Test 2 Friday, February 24, 2012 10:01 AM BRING SCANTRON/PENCILS - cumulative, in that you need to know terms/concepts to answers questions on this exam ** review vocab/concepts from book, especially things covered both places Strategicbusinessinsights.com/vals/ VALS lifestyle segments Account Planner - responsible for consumer research, developing strategy, writing creative briefs Rating -- percentage of Americans watching that show Share -- only measures only out of those that had their TV on, more accurate description of how well show is doing **used by Nielson 1. Creative brief - purpose, who writes it
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Unformatted text preview: 2. STP marketing - each component 3. Ways we can segment, examples of each 1.a. Geographic, demographic, psychographic, behavioral 1.a. 80/20 rule 1. Types of research - development/evaluative - in-market, copy testing, etc., primary vs secondary, qualitative vs quantitative 2. Right hand ring campaign - target audience 3. Reach, frequency, GRP, rating, share 1. SWOT analysis 1. Brand audit, brand equity, brand personality 2. Tactics - humor appeals, slice of life, etc. 1. Within research, the reliability and validity of "target" 1.a. Reliable - same results every time...
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