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ARCH Final Essay Questions - 1. Compare and contrast...

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1. Compare and contrast ancient Roman and Medieval cities . Roman Empire had vast land and plenty of resources, and of course its cities were large in size and highly organized and geometric. However, medieval cities completely replaced the layout of Roman cities. In many ways, medieval cities are the opposite of its predecessor. The values in civilization shifted from state governing to church dominance. Cities in Ancient Roman Empire were interested in material gains like power and wealth, so it conquered neighboring cities for expansion of land and resources. Due to its large size, diversification of public events and complex division of labor was introduced in Roman cities. Romans developed multistory apartments, amphitheaters, aqueducts, basilicas, etc. They had “invention of interior space”, which is arches and vaults that could cover large areas for support. Arches especially helped building bridges. Medieval cities placed a strong emphasis on Christianity. The cathedral became the center of attention since it’s the “House of God” and of course it overshadowed “House of Man”. People’s houses were low, modest and unadorned. Disease, wars and invasions took place, causing population to reduce, cities to shrink, and commerce to diminish. Wide roads that Romans built seemed unnecessary at this point. Roads became narrow alleys in big European cities like Paris and London. Geometric grid became non-geometric; the layout of streets got messy and it was really easy for nonresidents to get lost. 6.
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ARCH Final Essay Questions - 1. Compare and contrast...

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