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Wenqian Cici Wang ARCH 170- Assignment 4 Description of My Design I employed centralized parti in my design. Elements are arranged around a pond on the west side of the architecture building. I was inspired to place a pond in the center of my design with a bridge over it because an area with water can be very aesthetically pleasing. There is not enough room for anything extravagant so a small pond would suffice. There will be green vegetation and flowers around the pond, giving an emphasis to nature. I am also putting a typical roofed corridor there with white pillars and a few benches along the way. The benches will be facing the pond so that students, staff and visitors have a place to sit and enjoy the view, and the solid roof will protect them from inclement weather. There will be brick steps connecting the sidewalk with the corridor, and there will also be steps connecting the bridge with the corridor. I added a new sidewalk going from north to south that is perpendicular to the building. This
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Unformatted text preview: sidewalk is a major axis that serves as an access to not only the architecture building but also business building (further south, not shown in the plan). There will also be a glass cube in front of the architecture building that displays excellent student works (models and drawings) to the public. This glass cube has four sides that are conveniently viewed from the sidewalk, the architecture building, and the bridge. There is a clear bilateral symmetry in which an axis divides the building, the pond, bridge, corridor, and sidewalks into equal halves. I was looking for a contrast in my design, so I made the pond an hourglass shape while the rest of the elements had straight edges and rectangular layout that visually connects to the desired character of the area. I accommodated the height difference (slopes on the west side) with a few inches of padding at the base of the corridor....
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