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ARCH review of City - ARCH review of City What is a City?...

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ARCH review of City What is a City? Cities can be approached form a variety of perspectives. Kostof ’s definition of city (In the pre-industrial era): Settlement density, not necessarily size Physical, symbolic or legal circumscription (encircled by defensive walls/forts, Clustering of urban areas, form "in bunches," not isolated phenomena. Division of labor , social hierarchies Source of income (trade, physical resources, harbors, a king) Written records Monumental buildings (palaces, temples) Composed of both of buildings and people Norberg-Schulz sees cities as reflection of a human need for "orientation and identification". "concept of dwelling": 1. to meet others (exchange products, ideas, and feelings commerce, media) 2. to come to an agreement with others (accept a set of values social agreemeent) 3. to be oneself (a private world of one's own). Italo Calvino in Invisible Cities writes that "Cities, like dreams, are made of desires and fears". Sennet talks about "fear of exposure" and "fear of the other". Rybczynski talks about our desire for recapturing virtues of traditional small towns, either in the suburbs or in new towns. Normative Models by Lynch organized with prime motivation/self-perception 1. the Cosmic City –a spatial diagram of social hierarchy. Ex: Beijing Forbidden City 2. the Practical City –a functional construct of interrelated parts 3. the Organic City –an indvisible, living organism City is 1) concrete urban form, reality; 2) human experience, the idea or image of the city. The FORM (REALITY) of the city  The IDEA (society’s VALUES) of the city E xamine the city = examine THE PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT and OUR VIEW OF THE WORLD between reality and thought. Origins of Cities Advent of agriculture: nomadic like hunters and gatherers settled down at one place 1. Need for Commerce (marketplace) (farming allows for other professions) 2. Defense 3. Records keeping 4. Communicate 5. Perform rituals City in Ancient Greece placed
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ARCH review of City - ARCH review of City What is a City?...

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