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University of Maryland School of Architecture Planning & Preservation Fall 2010 ARCH 170 - INTRODUCTION TO THE BUILT ENVIRONMENT SYLLABUS Professor: Ronit Eisenbach, RA Office hours M: 11-12:00 and by appt. Administrative Teaching Assistant: Emily Childs Teaching Assistants: Leah Davies, Gina Pinnock, Sara Dewey, Kim Centrone, Cari Varner, Zubin Adrianvala, Nick Aello, Valerie Smith, Allison Wilson, Nicole Hinkle CATALOGUE DESCRIPTION Introduction of (1) conceptual, perceptual, behavioral, and technical aspects of the environment; and (2) methods of analysis, problem-solving, and implementation. PURPOSE OF THE COURSE You have chosen this course as part of your CORE Liberal Arts and Sciences Study Program, the general education portion of your degree program. CORE Distributive Studies courses are designed to ensure that you will take a look at several academic disciplines and the ways they create and analyze knowledge. A committee composed of faculty and students approved this CORE course because it will introduce you to ideas and issues that are central to a major intellectual discipline and because it promises to involve you actively in the learning process. (This impressive statement courtesy of the CORE Program) In this course we will explore such questions as: What is the built environment? What role does it play in everyone's life? How are ideas and significance embedded in the world we make? H o w d o e s i t c o m e a b o u t ? Specifically, this course is intended to expose you to: The theoretical basis of the design disciplines. The vocabulary they use. The methods and procedures on which they rely. The human significance of the built environment. The relationship between culture, values, technology and the built environment. TEXTBOOKS Required: Ching, Francis D.K., Architecture: Form Space and Order , Van Nostrand Reinhold. Editions 2 OR 3. Supplemental Readings for Architecture 170, Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company. Optional Additional References (Available in the Architecture Library) and Resources: Cuff, Dana, Architecture: The Story of Practice , MIT Press. Lewis, Roger, Architect? A Candid Guide to the Profession , MIT Press. Rybczinski, Witold, Home: The Short History of an Idea , Penguin Books. Kostof, Spiro, The City Shaped , Bulfinch Press - Little, Brown & Company. Norberg-Schultz, Christian, Intentions in Architecture , MIT Press. Sustainability and the Built Environment Campus Sustainability at the University of Maryland ( “The University Strategic Plan firmly establishes sustainability as part of the mission of the institution and sets the goal for the University to be ‘a national model for a Green University.’” (source: website) “The Chesapeake Project… was designed to help University of Maryland faculty integrate sustainability themes into existing courses across all disciplines. Through these revised courses, students will have the opportunity to explore sustainability through multiple lenses to gain a more comprehensive understanding on the subject and consider the importance of this issue for their own lives, for their communities and the world.” In this course we
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Syllabus_ARCH170 F'10 - University of Maryland School of...

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