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Practice Quiz 3

Practice Quiz 3 - test 3 Student Multiple Choice Questions...

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test 3 Student: ___________________________________________________________________________ Multiple Choice Questions 1. After completing his sales presentation, Jerald's client expressed her concerns and questioned some of the details of the sales proposal. An effective salesperson would: A. downplay these objections and push to close the sale as quickly as possible to avoid the endless questions that some customers ask.B. address her concerns and develop a better relationship.C. consider revising the presentation so that next time customer concerns and objections can be avoided.D. bring in the top executives of the company to close the sale. 2. In evaluating colleges, students and parents are likely to judge a school: A. strictly on the basis of major curriculums offered.B. based on the tuition.C. by the collection of benefits offered by the school.D. on the anticipated rate of return on their tuition investment. 3. __________ deals with moving finished products and information to business buyers and ultimate consumers. A. Inbound logisticsB. Outbound logisticsC. Final stage logisticsD. Wholesale distribution 4. Today's public relations departments: A. focus more on advertising and less on publicity.B. are downsizing as firms emphasize personal selling to promote their products.C. are more actively listening to customers and helping to solve their problems.D. avoid relationships with the media and government officials. 5. To generate enthusiasm about a good or service, sales promotion: A. targets groups internally and externally. B. directs stockholders to sell their stock when prices increase.C. is ineffective in reaching the B2B market. D. has declined in importance because of time and cost limitations. 6. Karen is a collector of fine art, particularly paintings. She has been looking for an original Lady Molly painting for months and has said that she is willing to go to extraordinary efforts to acquire this painting for her collection. Clearly this painting represents a __________ good for Karen. A. shoppingB. specialtyC. unsought D. luxury 7. As a manager at Excitement Foods, Mark is responsible for the firm's Kool'nKreamy brand of ice cream.
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Recently, he approved a proposal to test market new ice cream flavors. He is also considering the possibility of lowering the price of the ice cream and initiating a new advertising campaign. Mark appears to be a(n): A. product development manger.B. target market manager.C. brand manager.D. commercialization manager. 8. Which of the following statements regarding convenience goods and services is accurate? A. Shoppers will exert lots of effort to obtain the product.B. Consumers purchase the product on an infrequent basis. C. Consumers buy only after carefully comparing quality and value.D. Brand awareness and image are
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Practice Quiz 3 - test 3 Student Multiple Choice Questions...

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