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Practice Test for Quiz2 Student: ___________________________________________________________________________ Multiple Choice Questions 1. ____________ examines statistical samples of product components at each stage of the production process and plots the results on a graph in order to spot and correct any variances from desired quality levels. A. CAD/CAM B. Econometrics C. Analysis of variance D. Statistical process control 2. A basic characteristic of flexible manufacturing is that it: A. relies heavily on labor, since humans are more adaptable than machines. B. uses machines designed to perform multiple tasks so they can be used to produce a variety of products. C. achieves its flexibility at the cost of much slower rates of production than mass production techniques. D. is only possible when using mass production processes. 3. Which of the following statements about operations management in the service sector is most accurate? Operations management in the service sector: A. is all about providing the service at the lowest cost. B. should focus on providing customers with a good experience. C. has less flexibility than operations management in the manufacturing sector, because services are less able to make use of computers. D. has done a good job of increasing output, but a poor job of improving quality. 4. Lean manufacturing __________ productivity. A. increases B. decreases C. has no effect on D. removes the need for
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5. The main objective of lean manufacturing is to: A. keep labor costs as low as possible by expanding the use of other resources. B. produce products that have fewer frills and options in order to simplify the production process and keep costs as low as possible. C. produce goods using less of all types of resources compared to mass production techniques. D. get state and local governments to handle many of the tasks currently performed by the firm. 6. Wild Bill's Cap Emporium offers to produce hats and caps according to customers' requests. Wild Bill's must be using a(n): A. analytic system. B. just-in-time system. C. intermittent process. D. continuous process. 7. Within its production department, Sooner Manufacturing has shift leaders, supervisors, assistant plant managers, plant managers, product group managers, assistant division managers, division managers, an assistant vice president for production, and a vice president in charge of production. Given its multiple layer management structure, Sooner Manufacturing is an example of a(n) ____________ organization. A. tall B. wide C. cross-functional D. decentralized 8. In an inverted organization, the job of management is to: A. closely monitor employee performance. B. establish rules and regulations to guide worker behavior. C. make all of the basic decisions.
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Quiz _2 - Fall 2009 - Practice Test for Quiz2 Student: _...

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