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Chapter 9 Homework

Chapter 9 Homework - Angie Mann Chapter 9 Homework(P9.1...

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Angie Mann March 22, 2011 Chapter 9 Homework (P9.1, P9.3, P9.11, P9.13) 9.1 Internal auditors should not be deemed responsible for auditing invoices prior to payment, this is not part of their job description. These invoices will likely be reviewed by the auditors later on and any previous involvement would fail to be separation of duties. It is important that internal auditors are involved in the development of this type of system. Making suggestions will save from having to fix improper controls later on. The auditors should not be involved in the design/use of the system though. Although making suggestions is acceptable, an auditor should not be involved in installment/approval of the system. This may compromise any audits that take place later on. 9.3 Advantages: Easily checked results Gives auditor experience using the program Can tests for bugs in program that you wouldn’t normally find on paper Entire system is being audited Disadvantages:
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