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205-1 - types of music • Artistic intent Serious...

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Lecture 1 Introductions; The Blues Why study popular music/rock? How to study popular music/rock? 1. As social history Rock and the baby boom Rock and the economy: American affluence, American poverty Rock and race Importance of African Americans in the origins & development of rock Rock and Civil Rights Women in rock; women in society Technology: instruments, recording, dissemination The music industry Many other themes are pertinent 2. As music The canon Origins and development of popular music styles By what aesthetic criteria shall we judge rock? How to decide which artists and which songs to study? The canon, the classics? Influence: study the most influential musicians? Personal taste? Top 10 might provide a more objective, accurate history of popular music Terms: Rock and Roll, Rock, Popular Music, Pop Rock and Roll (Rock ‘n’ Roll): music of the 50s “Pop” and “Rock” are problematic because they are asked to include too many different
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Unformatted text preview: types of music • Artistic intent? Serious album-oriented music is rock; ephemeral, singles-oriented music is pop? • “Pop/rock”? What is Rock, or Pop Music? • American • A fusion of various black and white musical styles • An attitude Where does rock come from? • “The blues had a baby, and they called it rock ‘n’ roll” (Muddy Waters) What is the “blues”? • A feeling • A style of performance • A poetic (AAB) and musical (12-bar) form Bessie Smith (1894-1937) • Influential blues artist • Signed with Columbia Records in 1923; launched their “race records” division • EX. “St. Louis Blues,” recorded with Louis Armstrong in 1925 Robert Johnson (1911-1938) • Influential bluesman • EX. “Sweet Home Chicago” (a country blues; recorded 1936)...
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205-1 - types of music • Artistic intent Serious...

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