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transfer final paper

transfer final paper - Adam Goldsmith Edu 118 I found...

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Adam Goldsmith Edu 118 I found myself here seven short weeks ago, map in hand, navigating my way to class amidst unyielding cyclists and long boarders. My pace was noticeably quicker than everyone else, whose nonchalant mannerisms reflected all the authority of an at-home gaucho – that along with the seemingly uniformed Ugh boots/ UCSB sweatshirt combo. I definitely felt out of place to say the least, and probably even looked it given my attire (my quick, almost nervous pace couldn’t have helped either), but there was a certain feeling in the air; one of overwhelming hope and excitement; even achievement. This was it, a real UC campus- I had finally arrived (as lost and late to class as I was). The academic transition from community college to a UC was far from smooth, but not unanticipated in the least. I felt the difference as early along as when excitedly registering for my would-have-been future UC classes- they were all full. This brought forth my first week of juggling classes, both the regrettably scheduled/ hopefully droppable ones and the potentially “crashable” ones. But unfortunately, the difficulty I’d encountered when registering had carried on, only with accumulated leverage, come time to “crash” my wanted and needed classes. This left me with a full but bitterly undesired schedule- one that satisfied none of my requirements as an aspiring Soc major. The faster pace of the quarter system became evident by the end of my first lecture; the class was History 4B. Within an hour and fifteen minutes the professor had covered the syllabus and a 100 year period ripe with names and dates that I would later be responsible for knowing come midterms. But what especially bothered me about the pace and amount of information was my inability to effectively capture the lecture with
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my apparently sub-par note taking skills. I was forced to write at a sloppily uncomfortable pace, leaving everything I wrote down open to less than accurate post lecture interpretation. What was worse was that this class was without a text, making my notes the only hard record of what had taken place during lecture. This issue of mine reflects the importance of effective note taking skills, as emphasized in chapter three of the reader. As the quarter progressed I had adopted and learned to effectively implement my own rendering of the LARRY system, which compensated for the initially overwhelming pace of the lectures. Instead of intently copying every word on the ever- changing slide show presentation, which had proved nearly impossible and very unhelpful as far as post lecture review was concerned, I learned to focus more on the verbal lecture itself. This allowed me to better analyze the nature of the lectures and what the main (most likely to appear on a test) concepts were. And instead of trying to write down the professors words down, I wrote his concepts down as they translated into my own personal and often slang ridden paraphrases. But what especially helped me was
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transfer final paper - Adam Goldsmith Edu 118 I found...

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