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HOMEWORK 1 ANSWERS Important note about homework: Please be sure you submit your homework questions in order, and you make it obvious which questions you are answering. In an effort to save paper, you do not need to submit the questions; you only need to submit your answers. Please be clear and concise when preparing your homework assignment. Important note about late homework: Late homework is to be turned into Say Young Kim either in person, during class, during his office hours, or by placing it in his mailbox. If you put your homework in Say Young’s mailbox, send him an e-mail immediately afterwards to notify him of such and to document when you turned in your homework. It is your responsibility to turn your homework in to Say Young. Thus, other TAs will not relay your homework to him. Important note about early homework: If you anticipate not being able to turn in your homework before lecture on the day that it is due, you may turn your homework in early. As is the case with turning in late homework, early homework is also to be turned into Say Young Kim following the same procedure as described above for late homework. When reading this homework answer key: The grading TAs have inserted comments in this key to help give you a better understanding of mistakes and errors that may have been made. Please pay attention to these comments; they will help you understand why an answer is considered incorrect. 1. List a belief that you hold to be true. Determine how you “know” this belief to be true. Use the “labels” for ways of knowing that we discussed in class. As long as you have provided a coherent belief you were given credit. For full credit you needed to discuss how one of the following criterion was used for you to come to believe your statement in number one is true: a. Authority b. Rationalism c. Consensus d. Experience e. Observation f. Scientific Method Grading Note: Some students merely listed a few or all of the labels instead of describing/applying the labels to their listed beliefs. For example, they would say “I believe this to be true due to authority and general consensus” instead of a more correct answer of “I believe this to be true because authority figures such as politicians, historians and doctors have made public statements and wrote textbooks stating this belief to be true”. In order to receive full credit, students must have explained the criterion used for knowing the belief to be true. 2. For each of the following, indicate whether a variable or a constant is being described: a. The number of ounces in a gallon i. Constant b. The depression you feel when stats class is over i. Variable c. The number of students enrolled in PSYC200 i. Variable d. The amount of coffee you drink each morning i. Variable e. The number of tweets you make in an hour i. Variable
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f. The number of seconds in a minute i. Constant 3. For each of the following, indicate whether a continuous or a discrete variable is being described:
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PSYC200_HMWK1Notes-1 - HOMEWORK 1 ANSWERS Important note...

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