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P HIL 140 Fall 2011 Exam Three Study Guide D EFINITIONS : You should be able to define and give examples for the following notions… c Veil of ignorance c Original Position c Sentience c Moral Community c Person v. Human c Moral Decency (being a Good Samaritan v. Minimally Decent Samaritan) c “Future-like-ours” c Potential v. Partial Person c Singer’s test for treating animals W RITTEN R ESPONSES : You should be able to explain and (where appropriate) give examples for… c How a principle of equality ties sexism and racism to speciesim (for Singer) c How Singer thinks we should consider animals’ interests c Thomson’s Cases and what they should about the right to life:
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Unformatted text preview: o Violinist Case o Giant Baby Case o Henry Fonda’s Cool Hand Case o People Seeds Case c General Anti-Abortion argument (John Paul II and Noonan—in Warren) c The main problem with the General Anti-Abortion Case c What Warren’s Cases show about membership in the Moral Community o Alien Life Case o Captured Astronaut Case c The relationship between Non-Paradigmatic Humans and Animals concerning moral status c Why infanticide is a problem for Warren’s Argument c Carruthers’ view on the moral status of animals c The main problem for Marquis’ Future-like-ours argument...
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