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GEOL200 ALL SECTIONS - SPRING 2012:EARTH'S FURY: EARTHQUAKES, VOLCANOES, AND TSUNAMI (201201_GEOL200_MONTESI) > COURSE DOCUMENTS > LECTURE 4: EARTHQUAKES AND FAULTING (02/09) Lecture 4: Earthquakes and faulting (02/09) Reading Assignement Reading Assignments: Material available through Course Tools / Course Reserves Note that color plates are avaliable as a separate file 1) John Grotzinger and Tom Jordan, Understanding Earth (6th Edition) Read part of Chapter 13. Earthquake: p . 338 to 342 and 352 to 355 Description of the elastic rebound theory (p.338-342) Relation between earthquakes and faulting (p. 352-355) 2) Kerry Sieh and Simon LeVay, Earth's Turmoil. Read Chapter 3 . The Great Divide: Discovering the San Andreas Fault Summary of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake Tectonic history of California and the origin of the San Andreas
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Unformatted text preview: Fault. Additional resources Earthquakes mentioned in this lecture California Fault Map: Izmit 1999 tWEB/IzmitUK.html Alaska 1964 l .php Animations of fault motion (from . Note that "left-lateral" is wrong at that site.) Right-lateral fault Normal fault Reverse fault Blind thrust Lecture PDF Lecture04_Faulting.pdf (9.311 Mb) Outline...
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listContent-3.jsp - Fault. Additional resources Earthquakes...

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