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GEOL200 ALL SECTIONS - SPRING 2012:EARTH'S FURY: EARTHQUAKES, VOLCANOES, AND TSUNAMI (201201_GEOL200_MONTESI) > COURSE DOCUMENTS > LECTURE 3: A HISTORY OF EARTHQUAKES (02/07) Lecture 3: A History of Earthquakes (02/07) Reading Assignement Reading Assignements: Material available through Course Tools / Course Reserves Note that color plates are avaiable as a separate file 1) Bruce Bolt, Earthquakes (5th edition) Read Chapter 1. What we feel in an earthquake Description of the 1906 San Francisco, 1989 Loma Prieta, 1964 Alaska, 2002 Denali, and 1999 Chi-Chi earthquakes Quick introduction to seismic waves.
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Unformatted text preview: • 2) Kerry Sieh and Simon LeVay, Earth's Turmoil. • Read Chapter 1. When Push Comes to Shore • Description of plate tectonics, and how it is likely to produce a giant earthquake in Cascadia • Note the evidence for past earthquakes. How much of a concern should this potential future earthquake be? Additional resources • Where to find information on earthquakes • • • in particular the Earthquake Monitor Lecture PDF Lecture03_MajorEarthquakes.pdf (5.693 Mb) Outline...
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