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GEOL200 ALL SECTIONS - SPRING 2012:EARTH'S FURY: EARTHQUAKES, VOLCANOES, AND TSUNAMI (201201_GEOL200_MONTESI) > COURSE DOCUMENTS > LECTURE 2: PLATE TECTONICS (02/02) Lecture 2: Plate Tectonics (02/02) Reading Assignement Reading : The Dynamic Planet. Access online from USGS. What to look for : What tectonic plates are made of The name and general location of the major tectonic plates (map) Be able to describe the kinematics each type of boundary Where are convergent, divergent, and transform boundary located
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Unformatted text preview: Additional resources Video Plate Dynamics. Video #6 of Earth's Revealed. Access at pop=yes&pid=323# ~28 minutes Online Documents Quiz m Interactive map of plate boundaries Interactive map of global tectonic activity Lecture PDF Lecture02_PlateTectonics.pdf (7.086 Mb)...
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