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Alexandra Nass January 2, 2012 Writing Prompts What were the five stylistic features of the slave spiritual that Levine discusses? Why are they significant? The stylistic features of spiritual discussed were ignorant because of the impact they had on the slaves. Culture, origin, religion, contour of slavery, and certainty were influenced by the beliefs and values the spirituals demonstrated. The spirituals stylistic features were significant because they created expression of Negro folk mind. Spirituals motives created submission for intervals to be able to encounter communal activity for expression. There will never be a “final” version to a specific spiritual because over time the community alters them. Think about the ways in which biblical characters figured into the musical traditions and worldviews of the enslaved. How were various biblical figures represented in song? What was significant about that representation?
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Unformatted text preview: The slaves sang songs about their values and beliefs towards biblical characters. Within their musical traditions, the slaves sang about god in a way that was not remote and abstract but in a more intimate and personal acknowledgment and recognition. While there are many world disbeliefs of heaven and hell, slaves acknowledged heaven and hell as experiences within every day life. God, Christ, and Satan were not only looked upon as just symbols, but were considered to be meetings that were quite possible. These representations were significant because religious music was considered to be about personal worth and value. There was tension between the desire to spread the gospel and the need to use Christianity as a form of social control. In Virginia, observations were made concluding that in general, slaves put more confidence in their color then whites did within religious services....
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