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Alexandra Nass AASP202 February 7, 2012 Week 3: Writing Prompts 1. In your own words, define and discuss the notion of” sacred time and space.” What are some of the key characteristics of this, according to Levine, and what did seeing the world in this way afford the enslaved? Slaves were able to create a certain “ sacred time and space” through spirtuals. Through these spirituals, slaves were able to find the necessities they needed to survive by creating an expanded universe. This “sacred time and space” allowed slaves to encounter their own individual feelings. According to Levine, slave music, slave religion, and slave folk beliefs, created the “sacred time and space” between the slaves and their slave owners, and prevented legal slavery from becoming spiritual slavery. 2. According to Stevenson, in what ways did highly religious women such as Aunt Rebecca, challenge white southerners derogatory notions of enslaved women?
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