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Alexandra Nass February 14, 2012 AASP Week 4: WP Access the conclusion of Faucst’s argument. Consider the section that begins with “ in the preoccupation with the undeniable importance of the master slave relationship. .” on pg. 93. In your own words, what is she saying? Do you buy her conclusion? How does her article situate the structural violence that was such a significant part of plantation life? Faucst talks about how the slaves experiences were thought to be looked at in a more optimistic way of what they gained. Their autonomy throughout their oppressive experiences impacted them in a way that influenced power and strength. They wanted to
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Unformatted text preview: be defined less by the oppressions of slavery and more of the autonomous powerful achievements they had achieved. Her article situate’s the structural violence that was so significant in plantation life because many oppressive experiences were not allowed to be told and shared, so this conclusion may have been influenced by false accusations because of their lack of freedom to talk about oppressive experiences. I don’t buy her conclusion because even though these slaves may have become stronger and more autonomous individuals from this experience I don’t believe that they would truly make those accusations if they didn’t have to....
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