2:17 garcia girls

2:17 garcia girls - How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents...

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How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents “ Snow” (Yolanda) 1 st year in NY rented small apartment with catholic school taught by sisters of charity( hefty women long black gowns look peculiar, dolls in mourning) liked them a lot ( grandmotherly 4 th grade teacher, sister zoe) said I had lovely name had teach class how to pronounce it only immigrant in class, put in special seat 1 st row by window, separate from other students so she can tutor picked up on English, understand holocaust, happening in cuba with Russian missiles on nyc & president kennedy saying may be war against communists air-raid drills: bell go off, go in hall, fall to floor, cover heads with coats, imagine hair falling out, bons in arms going soft. Home, mami and sisters say rosary for world peace Learned new vocab: ( bombs and nucleaur war, powers) Sister zoe draw picture of mushroom with the dots that would kill One morning saw dots in air outside window like sister zoe draw, screams bomb!, sister zoe laughed and said it’s snow Snow: hear it was white crystals that fell out of American skies in winter, each different, like a person “irreplaceable & beautiful” “ Floor Show” ( Sandi) Dinner out with the fanning’s, important family ( no elbows, no cokes, only milk or water, and mami orders food) Times like this—one organism” The four girls” sandi years to go to the USA by herself and never come back as the 2 nd of 4 girls so close in age Girls are requesting certain foods not appealing mami frightened look on face ever since arrived in NY three months ago narrow escape from secret police
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Least provocation, burst crying, lose tempers, threaten end up in Bellevue, place learned where crazy people were sent in this country Fanning’s taking them special spanish restauraunt with a “ floor show” Floor show: shoulders life, arms over head, clap hands,
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2:17 garcia girls - How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents...

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