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CMLT 2:22 discussion

CMLT 2:22 discussion - How The Garcia Girls Lost Their...

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“How The Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents” February 23, 2012: In class Discussion 1. Chucha's first person narrative at the end of "The Blood of the Conquistadores" (p. 221-224): Why does Chucha, the family's spiritual Haitian servant, get the last word on their departure from the Dominican Republic? What does she notice or narrate that a passage centered on the consciousness of a family member could not? What patterns do you notice in her thoughts at this climac tic moment? Left behind Contuning line: because been there so long and took care of the family and dona laura (1937) and with all girls as she grows up, and as narrative closes she’s still there at the house after they leave Significant this narrative is all about change and them moving on with their lives and creating their own families, chucha is the stable character within the narrative Finality: sleeps every night in her coffin and its routine and when the family leaves it seems final but when she stays and goes into her coffin and she closes it that’s the actual finality of the story Opens it up wider then the family: although the family successfully escapes, she’s an example of what and who remains behinds, and she’s a physical body of the legacy and history of the Dominican republic Tone & language o Morbid: earlier in the story Laura thinks about the light of the island and how she wont be around, and the family is mostly relieved to get out, and chucha thinks about whatever their going into is going to affect them as much as they experienced when their leaving (tears Dona Laura will experience in the US, the haunting of what awaits them) less concern of immediate safety and not the future safety o Loss: while much of the narrative is the new start and the new place, chucha thinks it’s a sense of loss and the family she’s been with is leaving and she’s being left behind The future: chucha see’s the future and a vision of the future, in the whole book it’s going reversed chronological (present past) chucha is looking at it into the future and what’s going to happen in the future Temporality: while everyone in the story and narrative is going back from the present to the past, chucha is looking and talking about the
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future ahead of them in which we know what has already experienced Chucha’s roll in the house: o (221) The girls have a certain relationship with chucha with the brown wooden figure, something special they have with each other saying prayer over all the girls, they think she’s weird but has a special relationship with the girls, vs. the parents o
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