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how garcia girls p1 outline

how garcia girls p1 outline - How The Garcia Girls Lost...

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“How The Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents” Part 1: 1989-1972 4 Dominican/ American sisters: Carla, Sandra, Yolanda, Sofia Story #1: Antojos 3 rd daughter: Yolanda returns after 5 years to Dominican republic, where she was born, visits aunts and cousins wants to do: craving “ anidja” (guavas) aunt tells her its very dangerous traveling alone for women ( she ignores) Yolanda drives north to small village where jose ( young boy) takes her to find guavas on hillside Yolanda gets flat tire, jose goes to search for help 2 men approach Yolanda intimidating, saying “ Americana?” , slowly she starts talking English, first apologizes, then rambles on about her escapade for guavas remembers aunts fears so she blurts name of relatives who live nearby “ Miranda” and they light up their eyes with respect and they change the tire after changing the tire, she offers them both several dollars but they refuse to take it so she stuff’s them in his pocket
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