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The blood of the Conquistadors

The blood of the Conquistadors - The blood of the...

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“ The blood of the Conquistadors” ( Mami, papi, & the 4 girls) Father notices 2 men walking to the house in khakis, and sunglasses, and see’s a gun.--> motions to the cook standing beside him Girls are playing in the bedroom when father runs by to the bedroom, Yolanda see’s In closet, small revolver wrapped smuggled, in extra clothes that are dark for escape in the night Yolanda thinks father playing one of his games “ do you have the blood of the conquistadors” holds her upside down by feet and blood rushes to her head, he repeats and she says yes because she feels blood rush to her head. He holds her and laughs like conquistador, motherland hills of spain 2 men let inside by chucha “ coffee with milk color skin” match their khaki, their belts with gun catch yoyo’s eye, knows guns are illegal unless secret police or in uniform chucha talks to guards very loud, repeats what’s said, intends for father to hear the convo from wherever he is hiding “ time yoyo almost got father killed” very serious, yoyo tells neighbor, old general made up story of how father has a gun. Father actually did have a secret gun, nursemaid Milagros tells on her to parents and she’s hit very hard with a belt in the bathroom with shower running so noone can hear men asks questions to mundin ( only boy) asking where father is, says at office, ask where mom is says maybe home but he says maid said she’s not home mundin says “ you mean tia laura, but see I live next door” men pass around the revolver to the children, scares the girls makes fifi cry and yoyo wants to by saying need lockes on doors for having 4 girls but knows guards will get suspicious maybe take away father or whole family yoyo imagines self in a jail sell like felicidad, mamita’s canary in birdcage. Imagines guards poking in revolver to jail cell like she pokes in sticks to the birdcage
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when mamita ( dona laura) gets home, men look at eachother and put away revolver cjicja exists she drops a fine power and her lips are moving as if she is doing her usual under her breath talking but Yoyo knows she is casting a spell that will leave the men powerless, becalmed. Laura realizes gate already opened and see’s black VW ( secret police car) passenger seat is country girl who took months of convincing, imaculada Chino says looking for don carlos, laura says to go to dona carmens and tell her to call don victor to come over and pick up his tennis shoes trusted to put 2 and 2 together Chino been with family forever, not as look as chucha, been since laura’s born Laura talks to guards who insist on waiting for husband to get
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