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COMM interview assignment

COMM interview assignment - Interview Assignment This...

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Interview Assignment This assignment prepares you to conduct an interview with a professional in the field. Complete the following tasks: o Set up a face-to-face interview with a professional who can help you learn more about a career you may be interested in pursuing. (Use online sources or your personal network to identify potential interviewees.) You must interview someone whom you do not know. Think about how you plan to ask the person to participate in an interview. o Conduct research about the company/organization where the professional works and the topics you wish you discuss. Then submit a two-page career field profile that discusses your interest in the interviewee’s career field and the potential communication issues in that field. Make sure to use at least three credible sources , and include a bibliography in APA format . ( Due: Monday, February 20 ) o Along with the paper, you should create a two-page interview outline that includes
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