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EDSP " I AM SAM" QUESTIONS - provide for...

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Alexandra Nass EDSP210 January 31, 2012 “ I am Sam” Movie Questions 1. what type of disabilities do you recognize in the movie? - mental retardation - down syndrome - autism - socially impaired - physically/ psychologically impaired 2. Who had a disability? - Sam and all of his friends - The lawyer ( psychological impairment) 3. what were the cultural/ social beliefs portrayed in this movie? - being disabled or impaired is considered to be an abnormity - You are recognized as not being the “ stable” individual - There are so many people against Sam having custody over his child because of his disability hindering his ability to be able to care for his child and
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Unformatted text preview: provide for her-The lawyer and the neighbor portray a contradicting view on Sam that just because he may be mentally disabled he can still provide love and that’s all that matters in the end 4. While this was not a biography of someone’s life, discuss if this could happen Now! ( a community decides that a person with a disability can not care for their child because they have a disability).- yes this is possible to happen now because many people have different views on this subject because child safety is taken very seriously in modern society, and the well- being of a child comes first....
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